Tri-Lakes Behavioral Health Center

Tri-Lakes Behavioral Health Center is a 57-bed acute, inpatient psychiatric facility that specializes in the stabilization of psychiatric emergencies for Adults (18-64) and Seniors (65 and up). Additionally, the center has emergency medical detoxification services for the patient in the early stages of chemical dependency treatment.

Many families are forced to cope with issues that are beyond their grasp – from aging family members that require specialized treatment to struggles with substance abuse to dealing with complex mental health issues. These are issues that affect nearly all families, regardless of background or economic standing. At Tri-Lakes Behavioral Health Center, we give these families hope. Our unique treatment center is fully dedicated to the specialized care that behavioral health issues require, while our staff is equally dedicated to both your care and your confidentiality.We hope if you or someone you love ever grapples with these difficult issues, that you’ll trust Tri-Lakes to be a steadying force in your life.

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